Training Solutions

Training Solutions for training and development outsourcing is a proven approach to improving business performance. As a flexible, committed outsourcing partner, we consistently bring our clients measurable service improvements.

Our outsourcing services, experience and infrastructure enable us to improve efficiency, quality and flexibility, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty – and all at an agreed cost.We will organise:

Training and development outsourcing:

Allows you to focus on your core business
Allows you to focus on the quality of training and not the source
Provides access to wider experience and knowledge
Provides access to a larger talent pool and a sustainable source of skills
Is an improved method of reducing costs
Enhances your capacity for innovation and business performance

Specific programmes include:

Rationalising the curriculum to bring it into line with business priorities
Introducing a technology infrastructure for the administration and delivery of learning
Upskilling and accrediting trainers to delivery to recognised industry standards
Introducing flexible, cost effective approaches to the scheduling of training, based on training demand and available budget
Introducing innovations such as blended and e-learning to reduce unnecessary demand for face-to face interventions
Introducing robust evaluation of learning to demonstrate ROI
Training and development outsourcing can radically transform learning services in your organisation so that it becomes a vital tool to support your business strategy. It enables you to bring in a partner that is expert at delivering improved standards of business as usual delivery and in delivering real positive change that leads to efficiencies and improved outputs.

SES Training Solutions can help you with administration, delivery, design, technology, evaluation, training needs analysis and the internal communication of learning services.