Site Energy Ltd is a privately owned company providing Electrical Engineering Solutions to businesses nationwide. We specialise in High Voltage Installations.

Set up by a group of experienced DNO & Electrical Engineers, Site Energy Services is growing into a leading provider for customer’s electrical needs, offering Consultation work through to Network Design, Installation and Maintenance to Fault Location and Energy Saving Solutions.

Site Energy Ltd can provide total installation and management services for all your electrical installation work, we can also help you with your design, where you can take advantage of our expertise at the design / concept stage, completing your entire installation for you.

Based in Stoke On Trent, near Manchester. The business employs multi-skilled craftsmen, Project Managers; Senior Authorised Engineers,who can offer Technical Support to you or your business.

In addition to installation and consultancy we can provide Control, Operation and Maintenance Agreements (COMA).  We aim to manage all  private networks assisting owners in managing their assets and responsibilities.

Our team also provides design, installation and commissioning services for high or low voltage supplies and private networks. Projects undertaken encompass anything from simple transformer changes and modifications, infrastructure renewal projects.

Site Energy Services can help you achieve compliance with the law, improve your safety awareness and recommend ways to improve your installations efficiency, therefore reducing your energy costs.

Site Energy Ltd can give clear and sound advice on what you need to do; and can manage every aspect of your Installation.

The responsibility for these installations can be quite daunting to manage, and anyone who is supplied at High Voltage must by law have an apppointed (in writing) Authorised Person to look after the equipment on site.

Site Energy Services is an High Voltage management, installation and maintenance company specialising in contracts to look after customers High and Low voltage equipment. Enabling our customers to focus on their business knowing were working on their behalf to satisfy their legal obligations and to allow them to focus on their business.

Whether your a DNO or a commercial IDNO; Private Installation or Public Sector Organisation we can offer you a one stop accredited and compliant service.